About Steve Domigan

As a landscape architect I have the opportunity to largely influence the character of a given landscape. That is is appropriate to its intended use is, of course fundamental. It is of equal importance to me that the landscape achieves a “goodness of fit” with its surroundings. The greatest compliment is the one that describes my landscape design as appearing that “it has always been here.” No matter if the site is measured in acres or square feet, urban or rural, the structures contemporary or traditional, the environment favorable or challenging-the landscape should express a unique sense of place.

I most enjoy working with clients who choose to be stewards of their land. These clients encourage me to demonstrate the qualities of conservation, preservation and restoration in my approach to their landscape development.

Stephen K. Domigan received his degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University. He has been active in a number of states over the years including Florida, Texas and New Mexico while maintaining his practice in Austin and Central Texas for over thirty years. Having received a number of awards for design excellence, Steve’s work is well known among Texas design professionals. Steve Domigan, Landscape Architecture is now a boutique style, design-only firm with a primary emphasis on landscape development and enhancement for fine custom homes.